Malong's Round-Up - Round 6

Every month, a spicy international selection of 13 tracks with no other purpose but to make you feel fine!

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Wanna travel a bit ? Let us take you on a bass-fueled journey to Jamaica and Martinique, via Kenya, Tanzania and Lybia, among many other sizzling musical destinations ...

Featured tracks are:

Penya & Msafiri Zawose – Yale

Our intro is a marriage made in heaven: London-based, dubbed-out Afro Cuban sound band Penya meets Tanzanian multi-instrumentalist Msafiri Zawose.

Yale is an extract from the Penya Safari EP, recorded on a whim when one of the band’s members was invited to Msafiri’s studio in Dar Es Salaam.

To get a grasp of how deep this stuff runs, check Penya having a ball in the studio … or Msafiri having a little practice before a show:

Ahmed Ben Ali – Dameek Majeb

Unique Reggae / Dancehall vibes straight outta Libya !

Ben Ali has been active in his Benghazi studio for well over a decade, and was recently picked-up by the super interesting Habibi Funk outlet, gracing us with akiller EP titled Subhana. Seriously – listen to this stuff, this is reggae like you’ve never heard before !

Thornato Ft Zongo Abongo – Dracula

Wonderwheel records wonderboy Thornato, a Nickodemus affiliate and big bad NYC native, who’s been active on the Latin-bass-y Electronica scene for a while, meets with Ghana’s very own Zongo Abongo for a mad synth-driven cumbia-dancehall mash-up !

If, like me, you’re sold on Zongo’s badass stylee, just watch the following clip, directed for the mighty Colombian Ghetto Kumbé, pure joy…

Nga Han & the Hi-Flyers – Emergence

Straight-up analogue tape recording of Jamaican singer Nga Han by way of Antwerp’sHi-Flyers –boss reggae inna 2021 style!

A full album is available on Belgian outlet Kingston Echo – and the title bombtrack was part of the fantastic NYP label’s Global Riddims Volume 4 – a trendsetting series of free DLs that shan’t be missed !

Delroy Wilson – Inner City Blues

Just dropping this here – you know, because Delroy Wilson is a forgotten reggae hero, and this 1981 Marvin Gaye cover was waiting out there to remind us…

Prince Blackman – Rockers’ Delight (Waxist Selecta Edit)

Another 1980’s UFO, this Sugarhill Gang Disco-Reggae cover by the elusive Prince Blackman(rumoured to be an alias for none other than Leroy Sibbles ) is another feelgood tune I’ve been playing on repeat for a while, hope you enjoy it !

Acayouman – Funky Reggae

Cosmic Reggae/ Soca/ Boogie mash-up from Martinique!

This anthem from a 1984 EP used to be sheer diggers’ unicorn, and was thankfully re-released in 2020 by the out-of-the-box label Beau Monde (already mentioned in my very first Round-Up). You’re in for a trip on this one, far from the dominant zouk sounds in Francophone West-Indies at the time…

Les 5 Elements – Pie Coco

We stay in Martinique with this pure dancefloor, Zouk-infused tune – quite a carnival anthem in the Caribbean when it was released in 2006.

Gelatine Thugs – Do the Don’t Stop

Mad bootleg released via our buddy Oonops who pitched this one to Berlin’s wicked label Resense, an Agogo branch specializing in 7” dj material – watch this space !

Bas Lexter Ensample – Kojak Here Wanted

More bootlegging by the same German outlet - Kojak Here Wanted is my kinda jam: sharp funk breaks with a thick bass and Yardie voice samples – irresistible !

This one comes courtesy of a discrete pillar of the dj’s dj scene: Bas Lexter has been around for over 15 years delivering beautiful jazzy breaks and funky beats for the heads…

Ngalah Oreyo – Koreyo Dub

Genius Ngalah Oreyo recorded this tripped-out jam in his native village in Western-Kenya. Amsterdam’s cutting edge label Ini Movement had the flair to pick it up and release it to the World – pure treasure trove that shall satisfy the diggers and ravers alike…

Dj Merco & Mwinda Mannekin – Tchougoal

Bam! This latest hit out of Congo is pure joy, and has driven many to try and create fitting dance moves ! Try for yourself…

Señor Holmes – Tu Balances ton Cul (Carnaval)

A confidential band from Nantes, western France, Señor Holmes is the fruit of an encounter between a Franco-Spanish Guitar player and an Afro-Caribbean multi-instrumentalist. I couldn’t find much info about them online, but they seem to have a cult following when touring – this wicked little ode to beach-time (gender neutral) booty-watching is a clear clue to that success !

This wraps it up for now, hope you got vibed-up !

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Stay creative & keep digging !