Holiday sets: Selecta Will, DJ Zaffa, and Andi Rietschel

We just took a short break from the blog, but the mixtapes have kept coming ! If you haven't checked our Soundcloud, here's what happened over Xmas and NYE...

We received 3 great mixtapes over the NYE holidays 2021/2022, so if you've missed these beauties here goes !

Selecta Will's Jazz Mix part 2

Second part to Will's mad live session at a Chinese Man Records HQ Wine tasting in Marseille !

\Tracklist available on Soundcloud*

DJ Zaffa - Classic House Vinyl Set

Hailing from Venice, Italia, Giacomo Zaffalon aka Zaffa hooked us up with some dope house classics for the winter season !

\Tracklist available on Soundcloud*

Born and raised in the golden years of house music with a deep and rooted club culture, Zaffa grew a strong love for music from an early age and got his hands on his first console at the age of 14, immediately with great dedication and an inordinate passion for musical research.

Over the years he has explored every nuance of disco, house and electronic, in constant evolution. His sound has its roots in the 70s and then follows the natural path of dance music, through the house music of the 90s, up to the present day, with a selective and always refined taste...

Andi Rietschel - Winterdance Mixtape

*Tracklist available on Soundcloud

The Leipzig Tribe of Peace Ambassador is back with a special selection to warm your hearts !

Third mixtape for the Asymetrics (don't miss#1 and #2) from the great Andi - always blurring the lines and removing the borders !

Find out more about Andi Rietschel:

& Zaffa:

Stay Safe, and keep digging !