Asymetrics Mixtape #9: Andi Rietschel

Andi Rietschel, from the Leipzig Tribe of Peace, presents... Tribe of Beats

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This 9th edition of the Asymetrics mixtapes is a unique, exclusive deep & chill selection by Global Citizen Dj Andi Rietschel, from the Leipzig Tribe of Peace - a message of unity & love to the World !


01 Balraj Singh Samrai & Pandit G., Gavsborg & Farah Ahmad Khan & Shanique Marie & Tunde Adekoya & Vikaash - I Should Have Hugged You Tighter When We Last Met (Oh What a Joy)
02 James Stewart feat. Ayuune Sule - Where Are You Going? (SMBD People Dub)
03 Vibronics feat. Professa Natti - R.A.S.T.A.F.A.R.I.
04 Taiwan MC ft. Jamalski - Life Ain’t Easy
05 Inna de yard - Let The Water Run Dry feat. Ken Boothe (Barrio Katz edit)
06 Zentrip Muzik ft. Karen Christine - Aguita (Yemanjo remix)
07 Afrosideral - A Mi Me Llamo El Tambor
08 Ameme ft. Don Bello Ni - Patchido - One Tribe NYC
09 Mamani Keita - Mali Denou
10 Thornato - Timbavati Bounce
11 Mackboogaloo Remixer & loko Cua Cua Champetuo - La Pea Del Angel remix (Champeta- Tronix)
12 Arn4l2 edit - Good Luck
13 Waggles vs Nara Leao - Birimbau (Ritmo de Capoeira)
14 Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking (Ben Snow remix)
15 Airto Moreira - Aluê (dj Chap edit)
16 Azhot – Inlandsis

17 Kumpania Algazarra - Let's Go - Dr Fre & Sam Rabam remix

18 Gülden Karaböcek - Adaletin Bu Mu Dünya (Martyn Zij remix)
19 Malkia Band, Lion Waceke, Foozak & Dylan s - Ukaa
20 Vini Vici & Emok & Martin Vice & Off Limits - In & Out (Liquid Soul remix)
21 Vini Vici - Namaste (Hilight Tribe remix)
22 Adir Jan - A Part From "Merge Medley"

23 Caetano Veloso - How Beautiful a Being Could Be (Dekel Terry Remix)
24 Clementina de Jesus e Clara Nunes - Embala Eu (Tahira Ciranda flip)
25 Joshua - Sincerly, It Wasn't

A Word from Andi:

When I put together this new mixtape...

I thought of the friends I usually dance with, thought of the people who usually dance at parties and festivals.... come together as different as they are in detail...they are united by many other things... i chose several songs, new and older ones... and went with them via mp3 player and headphones on a hike in the sun on a meadow and in the forest, to a lake... always dancing while walking, with a big grin on my face... singing along and thinking of the others... about friends, strangers.... dancing people... i also thought of those who are not feeling well right now... who are sick, lonely, poor, on the run, in trouble... May their life get better... maybe with all our help, doing, thinking... I was thinking about yesterday... of the past years... of celebrating together, of the now, of being separated... and felt NO! We are not separated... and we will not let ourselves be separated! We belong together for peace, and in love. While I was dancing alone on the meadow, I thought about the others... how they could dance too... on a meadow, at home, somewhere... Dancing.... with joy and laughter on my face, releasing tension, anger, fears. freak out! Yeah! I thought about tomorrow, about the next months... the next summer.... in anticipation of dancing together again... on a meadow, in the sand, at a festival... How we will embrace each other... How we will come together again - without restrictions, without borders, for and in a world without borders! May it be so! A whoopee for life! Whoophooey!

Andi Rietschel

Andi is a peace activist & dreamer, dj and storyteller… from Leipzig, Germany. He is the organizer of the Peace Dance Festival, where he blends different styles - tribal beats from all over the world - no borders...

His dj sets are compose of beats from the Middle East, Cumbia, Afrohouse, SouthAmerican Organic Electro, Tribal Drum&Bass, Trance, Reggae and Dub, Gypsy, Bhangra and so much more...

Find Out more about Andi on His Website / Soundcloud