Chiko - Turkish Delights Vol 1.

A 100% Vinyl 45s selection of rare Turkish gems from the 1960's and 70's...

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The Asymetrics are proud to share this beautiful selection of rare Turkish 45's, courtesy of Chiko, our man in Istanbul ...

Put your headphones on and depart for a journey through golden era Anatolian sounds !


. Leo Clarens & Son Orchestre - Cha Cha Cha au Harem (1958)

. Hayko - Sude Sude (1970)

. Nese Karaböcek - Koca Dünya (1972)

. Erkin Koray - Goca Dünya (1972)

. Baris Manco - Ay Osman (1971)

. Ersen - Sor Kendine (1972)

. Hakki Yucel - Belki Güzeldir Güller (1975)

. Selda - Yuh Yuh (1977)

. Belkis Ünlüses - Lambaya Püf De (1973)

. Yavuz Taner - Güzel Kizlar (1977)

. Sakir Öner Günhan - Çiçekler Ekiliyor (1975)

. Zafer Dilek -Yaşadım Mı Öldüm Mü! (1975)

. Baris Manco & Kurtalan Ekspres -Gülme Ha Gülme (1974)

. Aşık Emrah / Benim Gibi - Garip Dünya

. Timur Selçuk Orkestrası - Panayır Günü (1972-73)

. İskender Doğan - Mahizer (1975)

. Tülay Özer - Ikimiz Bir Findaniz (1975)

. Erkin Koray - Seni Her Gördüğümde (1969)

. Gülden Karaböcek - Şu Sazıma Bir Düzen Ver (1974)

. Gülcan Göktürk - Ne Zaman (1976)

. Esmeray -Soruyor musun (1975)

. Ayla Algan - N’idem (1972)

. Kourosh - Dar Enteha (197?)

. Gülden Karaböcek - Nem Kaldi (1974)


After discovering the great classics of Turkish music from the 70s, Chiko fell in love with the country and its culture, it then became logical for him to dig this musical scene mixing traditional and rock influence, which were a global breakthrough at the time.

After moving to Istanbul, Chiko started to scan the capital's record shops first, then other cities (Izmir in particular) and finally explored other networks.

Like everything digging, the classics arrived first, Erkin Koray, Baris Manco (pictured above), Nese Karabocek and so many others. Then more confidential artists, little known traditional tunes, and finally Chiko ended up interested in productions available on cassette tapes only, a real gold mine still poorly known abroad but full of nuggets.

In Chiko's words: "There is something in this very singular music, no doubt what I call the "blues" allaturca, this tendency to play on the sensitive, melodies often plaintive (the lyrics go with it most of the time, talking about Distance, exile, lost love, torn lives ...) and rhythms we are not used to hearing. Add a psych touch, good kitsch effects, and you get a formidable cocktail".

More Turkish gems from Chiko's collection soon on the Asymetrics... Stay Tuned !