Asymetrics Random Selection - October 2020

A few tunes, new & old, for you & yours, brought to you by the Asymetrics Team Force !

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The full Asymetrical team handpicked their October 2020 Top 9 tunes - listen !

Taiwan MC - Fire (ft Landa Freak)

Captain Planet - Big Man (ft Shungudzo)

Hendrix - Quien Los Mato (ft Alexis Play, Junior Jein & Nidia Gongora)

Jovi - Et P8 Koi

Von D - Hermetica (ft Sinerise)

Prince Of Queens - Cumbia Por Las Sombras (ft Hellotones & Sonidera Blues)

Da Fat Cat Clique - Da Flow

J Cole - Fire Squad

The Fantastic Johnny C - Boogaloo Down Broadway

Dig it?

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