Wapin Session # 2: Super Sonido Contreras

Amazing set by Martín Contreras, recorded live in Panama for Wapin's second session - Check it !

Direct link: Youtube / Soundcloud

Globetrotting Panamanian DJ Sonido Contreras drops a bombastic vinyl set for the Wapin gang... Cumbia, Afrobeat, Reggae, and much more Afro & Latin vibes to treat your ears nice !

Second Wapin session by Super Sonido Contreras, a Panamanian DJ touring the world sharing refreshing sessions, combining ancestral rhythms with the most contemporary through his sound investigations and rescue of analog materials, mostly from Africa and Latin America.

Wapin' stems from the yearning of a group of DJs and collectors based in Latin America to promote vinyl records culture. Through regular events, passionate people gather in various vinyl friendly locations of Panama and beyond, to celebrate the wax format, extracting interviews and live-recorded selections from regional diggers and selectors.

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