Shaolin Sound: Special Discs Mixtape

Jack of all trades Daniel Tuffs aka Shaolin Sound, a longtime Reggae music activist, blessed us with a mighty selection of exclusive tunes ... Play It Loud !

Artwork by Daniel Tuffs

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A very special delivery by the producer, selector, graphic designer, vinyl collector & sound system culture aficionado behind the Chief Rockas collective & Just Is Records: Daniel Tuffs, aka Shaolin Sound, blessed us with a rocking selection of exclusives !

This one is an exciting blend of limited poly-vinyl cuts released by Shaolin Sound through the harsh year of 2020. Productions from many great producers, vocals from too many amazing singers...

Featuring - Pad Anthony, Mikey General, Tony Rebel, Luciano, Robert Dallas, Delton Screechie, Turbulence, Anthony Johnson, Super Cat, Courtney Melody, Shanti D, Lisa Dainjah, Natty Campbell, David Jahson, Deemas J, Patrick Andy, Abbyssinians, Sugar Minott, Blackout JA & Danman

Produced by - Shaolin Digital, Hitman & Fiza, Jnr Willow, Marshall Neeko, Chief Rockas, Danny T & Tradesman, Dub Cavern, Mikey Shaw & The Grampians.

Just push the volume up and listen !


Pad Anthony - Rebel

Mikey General - Monopoly

Tony Rebel - Jah Will Be There

Luciano - Badness Ah Madness

Robert Dallas - Ruff & Tuff

Delton Screechie - Natural Mystic

Turbulence - Ancient Flow

Anthony Johnson - Gunshot (Dubplate Mix)

Supercat - Dance Inna New York (Dubplate Mix)

Courtney Melody - Ninja Mi Ninja (Dubplate Mix)

Shanti D - Call Wi Rambo

Lisa Dainjah - Kill Drumpan

Natty Campbell - Bad Boy Sound (Dubplate Mix)

David Jahson - No More War (Dubplate Mix)

Deemas J - Mix Me Down (Dubplate Mix)

Patrick Andy - Rootsman Style (Dubplate Mix)

Sugar Minott & Mikey General - Free Dem Soul

Blackout JA - Nice Up The Lawn

Danman - Falling In Love

Daniel Tuffs

Daniel is a real hyperactive artist who's been involved on the Reggae scene (but not just) for quite a while ! Here are some of his ongoing projects:

Shaolin Sound functions as a platform to share discoveries on vinyl from the 70s, 80s & 90s. Focusing on Roots, Rubadub & Digital. More recently releasing limited polyvinyls and soon full vinyl releases with great vocalist and producers, as well as self produced tracks.

JUST-IS Records & the Chief Rockas collective are inspired by the modern sounds of Reggae. Fusing new sounds with classic elements of Roots, Rubadub & Digi. JUST-IS originally started as a series of events in Daniel's hometown, Norwich, in the eastern part of England. Just-Is eventually became a platform to release music.

Chief Rockas was created at the same time as the label with Tom Excell, a great producer. He is in the bands Nubiyan Twist & Onipa, and is soon launching his own label.

Vision is a new project focused on Daniel's love of Boom Bap style Hip Hop, producing beats from old and interesting Soul, Jazz, Soundtrack and anything with interesting sounds for sampling! An EP is coming soon with a young rapper out of Canada called Kataem.

The Grampians is a band currently functioning as a studio and session band, making a lot of their own riddims, as well as recreating classics, with a couple of tracks out recently with Joe Yorke and Delton Screechie as polyvinyl releases. The Grampians record at drummer Mikey Shaw's studio called Dub Cavern, equipped with a collection of brilliant original studio gear like the Roland Space Echo, Grampian Spring Reverb and tons of others to get that authentic 70s and 80s sound. Expect to hear a lot from them in the near future !

Find out More about Shaolin Sound on Instagram / Youtube / Soundcloud