Jérémie Younes - Musiciens De Grande Classe

Exceptional vinyl selection by the great Parisian collector: a tribute to the greatest Cadence musicians from Martinique, Guadeloupe, and beyond - don't miss !

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The wicked selector from Paris Jérémie Younes strikes back for The Asymetrics with some unlicensed Caribbean fire !

Featuring some of the most amazing tunes from the 1970's' West Indies...

Buckle up, and play it seriously loud !


Les Aiglons – Musiciens de grande classe

Abidos – Docoune la

Edouard Benoit – Parler ban moins

Les Vickings de la Guadeloupe – Music a neg

Les Rapaces – Espoir

Super Combo – moin dormi derho

Expression – Chapeau

Les Vickings de la Guadeloupe – I love you

Les Rapaces – Compe Joseph

Galaxy – Message pou peup noue la

Les Maxel's – Fo nous travail

Camille « Soprann » Hildevert – Si ou di ça cé ça

Gille Fountain and the Black Affairs – La vie vini raid

Edouard Benoit – Mauve chauffe

Find out more about Jérémie Younes through his Asymetrics interview, and follow his blog Killers Without Fillers

Stay Fresh, and Keep Digging !