Gazonade - Chained And Bound To Your Love

Mysterious top selector and producer Gazonade is back with a dazzling soulful vinyl selection, exclusive for the Asymetrics !

Direct Links: Soundcloud / Youtube

Almost exactly one year after dropping one of our favorite Asymetrics Mixtapes, the elusive producer and selector Gazonade strikes back with a gorgeous Soulful vinyl selection...

Vinyl-porn addicts beware, this one comes with a cool video captured at Gazonade's studio !

Put your headphones on and feel the Love:


Jim Morrison - Black Polished Chrome / Latino Chrome (78')
Jimmy Ricks - Snap Your Fingers (68')
Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost (78)
Stan Ivory And His Omnificent Orchestra – Give Me The Real Thang (70s - Unknown)
Jackie Shane - Comin' Down (63')
Hot Sauce - I'll Kill A Brick (About My Man) (71')
Arelean Brown - I Broken So Many Hearts (70s - Unknown)
Aretha Franklin - Niki Hoeky (68')
Arelean Brown - I'm So Blue (77')
The Emotions - My Honey And Me (72')
Betty Wright - Slip And Do It (75')
Rosetta Hightower - Friendship Train (75')
Big Ella - It Takes A Lot Of Loving (69')
Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love (73')
Sandra Wright - Midnight Affair (75')
Junior Parker - Cracked Up Over You (67')
Jamo Thomas - Must I Holler (66')
Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot (68')
Gloria Taylor - Grounded Part I (69')
Nina Simone - Whatever I Am (You Made Me) (70')
The Parliaments - I Can Feel The Ice Melting (67')
Marion Williams - I Shall Be Released (69')


Record collector and producer, Gazon is exploring music in all its forms.

Heavily influenced by blues and gospel music in his early years, he later got impressed by the federating power of electronic music.

His mixes are landscapes, travelling through space and ages. Ancestral rhythms fused with modern grooves, taking you off for a visionary odyssey.

In a constant struggle to explore new ways of expressions, he recently started producing music. Offering deep soulful grooves from disco to techno.

Free your mind, your ass will follow !

Find out more about Gazonade: on Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Tumblr

And watch Gazon in the mix on Youtube !

Stay Fresh, and Spread Love !