DNA records: Cambodia Reggae Special

DNA records are back with a scorching Reggae 45, straight outta Phnom Penh, Cambodia !

Direct Link to Premiere: Youtube

After a successful Chinese Reggae cut, DJ DSK's DNA records strike back with with a limited 45 showcasing two international bands based in the Khmer capital !

The first cut showcases "Cambodia" by Dub Addiction, a combo of local and French, German, and Nigerian musicians, featuring Dj Khla, a political activist who is now living in exile in Europe after having fled his country because of military pressure on him and his family. He was able to escape Cambodia while on tour with Dub Addiction in Denmark.

Dub addiction is a prominent band in Cambodia, a regular staple of Phnom Penh's underground scene, and is even featured on the Rough Guide's "Psychedelic Cambodia" edition !

Their unique style combines Reggae with traditional Cambodian instruments like tro (violin), chapey (traditional Cambodian string instrument) and Roneat (xylophone), along with the toasting of Cambodian vocalists DJ Khla (Nhem Palla), MC Curly (Kosal Dang) and a variety of traditional vocalists and international MCs.

On the flip is "Phnom Penh Reggae", by another international band: Vibratone, with members from Cambodia, France, The Philippines, and Brazil, Vibratone formed in Phnom Penh in 2013 with one aim: No cover songs, strictly original creations !

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