BBordeaux - Greek Obscurity Vol 1.

A unique selection of rare Greek tunes from the 1960's and 70's - courtesy of Thessaloniki-based beatmaker BBordeaux !

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We are stoked to share this original selection of forgotten grooves, broadcasted straight out of Northern Greece by rarities-collector BBordeaux !

Put your headphones on and get ready for a different Aegean vibe...


01) Μίμης Πλέσσας - Hully Gully No 7 (1965)

02) Νίκος Αντωνίου - Θα πάρω τ'άλλο τραίνο (1969)

03) Ζωή Κουρούκλη - Ε!ωπ! Τσα τσα (1960)

04) Κώστας Κούρτης - Ω λα λα (1961)

05) Γιάννης Βογιατζής - Μου είπες κι άλλο ψέμα (1961)

06) Τζένη Βάνου - Θα'θελα απόψε (1968)

07) Πάνος Κόκκινος - Μου είπες δεν πειράζει (1972)

08) Βάσια Ζήλου - Ήρθες (1975)

09) Ελπίδα - Θάρθη Θάρθη (1973)

10) Δάκης - Είναι πιο καλά (1973)

11) Αλέκα Κανελίδου - Λάθος (1974)

12) Μίμης Πλέσσας - Athens Hully Gully (1965)

13) Γιάννης Βογιατζής - Τι σκάνδαλο (1966)

14) Alba Aris - Alba's Shake (1965)

15) Νίκος Αντωνίου - Τι είν' αυτό (1969)

16) Τζένη Βάνου - Καλή αντάμωση (1968)


Hailing from Katerini in Northern Greece, BBordeaux is a beatmaker producing sounds with a very distinctive feature: all tracks are crafted using rare recordings extracted from Greek vinyls from the 50s to the 80s. Every single melody, vocal, or drum hit are exclusively sampled from old Greek records and films.

His inspiration for this particular sound texture comes from his love of the black and white era of Greek Cinema that grew on him from a very young age. Then came the love for instrumental hip-hop and you can guess what happened !

Cinema drove BBordeaux to run into the incredible soundscapes of Mimis Plessas, the mesmerizing voice of Jenny Vanou or the experiments of Panos Kokkinos and many more... For him, while Greeks always used a sort of sadness in their music making, artists from the 60's and 70s did it in a distinctive uplifting way !

Borrowing LPs and 45s from friends and keeping a digital record out of everything, BBordeaux now stands on a vast collection of rare gems lost in obscurity....

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Stay tuned for Vol 2. coming soon !