Asymetrics Mixtape #6: Trim

Exclusively for The Asymetrics, Trim goes back to his original hip hop roots & foundations with this quality mixtape : Back 2 Basics…

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A very special set for this 6th edition of the Asymetrics Mixtape : TRIM, transmiting all the way from Berlin with a dope Hip-Hop, Jazz & Funk mix : Back 2 Basics !


01 Napz & Maelstrom - "The Sinner"

02 Retrogott - "Intro 2019"

03 J-Live - "All In Together Now"

04 Absent Minded - "Stocktown'

05 Main Moe - "Rap In Berlin"

06 Royaz feat. Jay MNG - "Quick & Flupke"

07 Man Sueto - "La Felicità Di Otello"

08 Queen Latifah - "U.N.I.T.Y"

09 Figub Brazlevič - "Treflip TS Blunt"

10 Lucio Bukowski & Mani Deiz - "Marvin Hagler Avec Un Mic"

11 FloFilz - "Dulce"

12 The Booth Brothers - "Stickies"

13 The Mouse Outfit feat. Sparkz & Dubbul O - "Slicker Than Average"

14 Figub Brazlevič - "Ghetto Bacterium"

15 DITC - "Sippin 'FloFilz Remix"

16 Retrogott - "Funkfreaker"

17 Brous On - "Shit Is On"

18 Jay MNG - "Smooth"

19 Jurassic 5 - "Freedom"

20 Herbie Hancock - "Doin'It"


Born in Paris in the late 70’s, Trim goes to live in Berlin at age 9 & falls in to the 90’s hip-hop culture…

Passionate about graffiti and member of the Star Wars Crew, he starts collecting rap, funk & jazz vinyl, quickly learning how to mix records.

Back in Paris a few years later, he is seen smashing the decks of many clubs and raves with his infamous crew Acid Pony Club

Now relocated back in his favorite city, Trim is active on the Berlin club scene, recognized as a dj specialist in P-Funk, Boogie, Chicago House & Space Disco…

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