Taiwan MC - Mr Babylon

Killer new tune from the one and only Sticky Tai Tai!

Longtime friend and favorite of the Asymetrics, Taiwan MC delivers a politically charged heavyweight choon!

Sadly echoing recent global news, Mr Babylon is Taiwan’s epitome of the social uproars that are shaking the whole World, backed by a splendid video produced by Uruguay’s Gridboy featuring lettering from Colombian artist Kong.

Part of Taiwan’s forthcoming album Special Request (which gets a great cover by the phenomenal man like Ouikid) , this is the first of a series of exclusive tracks which will drop over the next few months until the full release (October 2020).

The Asymetrics got a chance to hear a preview of Special Request and trussss us: Taiwan delivers nothing but the best of his unique style, with many out-of-the-box explorations into multiple genres, you’re in for many surprises! Watch this space…

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