Mukambo - Best of 2022 Summer Mix

Good vibes and wicked global grooves by the great Mukambo !

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All the way from Brussels, the man behind the essential Radio Mukambo delivers a mixtape sweet like honey !

Celebrating the 3rd edition of his Global Afrobeat Movement compilations, just released on Belgium's top label NYP Records, Mukambo selected some of the best tunes 2022 has brought to us so far. From afrobeat over arabadub to brazilian beats, from semba over cumbia to soukouss, from kinky reggae over ethiojazz to french rap, join the trans-atlantic groove train that smashes all borders to make pan-africanism rule the world !


  1. Proyecto Secreto – Stepping In Circles
  2. The Spy From Cairo – Animamundi
  3. Maga Bo ft. Dandara Manoela & BNegão – Amor (É Revolução)
  4. Marcus Gad meets Tamal – Tempo
  5. L'Entourloop ft. Lyricson, Queen Omega & Red Fox – Florilège
  6. The Bongo Hop x Dafuniks ft. Kuku Agami – The Red Hill
  7. Alpacas Collective – Seven Wisdoms Of Plutonia
  8. Bareto – Cumbia Circular (Mo' Horizons Remix)
  9. Afro-Zen Allstars – Kulunmanqueleshi
  10. K.O.G – Shidaa
  11. Konkolo Orchestra – Blue G
  12. BOukan – Danzéré
  13. Juanita Euka – Nalingi Mobali Te
  14. Tribu Baharú – Baharulogía
  15. Congotronics International – Kule Kule Redux
  16. Bonga – Sembenu
  17. Maga Bo ft. Russo Passapusso & Roberto Barrreto – Labuta (DJ Dolores Frevo Remix)

About Mukambo

Mukambo is a Brussels-based journalist, Afro-grooves activist, radio-maker & DJ, specializing in music from around the globe since 2005 for several Belgian and Dutch newspapers and magazines.

His own Radio Mukambo is home to weekly smashing selections of global grooves.

Follow Mukambo on Instagram / FB / Mixcloud , pay a visit to to find out more, and don't miss the Global Afrobeat Movement compilations.

Stay Fresh, and Keep Digging !