Mikael El Rojo - La Musica No Se Muere

Forgotten Afro-Latin treasures from Guinea Conakry's Syliphone

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Superb selection of Guinean gems by Parisian digger and collector Mikael El Rojo !

Put your headphones on and get ready for pure bliss....

Having spent countless hours browsing through the mighty Syliphone label archives, recently digitalized for the Endangered Archives Programme, Mikael selected some of the sweetest Afro-Cuban inspired grooves he could find, many of them never released, for our greatest listening pleasure !

Guinea Conakry has a rich musical history, especially after the country’s independence in 1958 which allowed decades of beautiful music to flourish across the country.

The Syliphone record label has allowed many talented orchestras to record their music, constituting now an invaluable cultural heritage.

Guinean Music is fantastic and clearly unique : a blend of traditional, West-African and Afro-Cuban music.

Beyond their typically deep, funky and groovy music, Guinean orchestras have also played Latin music, covering Cuban songs the Guinean way.

The result is breathtaking....

Mikael El Rojo

Mikael is a serious digger of all things Latin, with a soft spot for Salsa, who also naturally moved onto latinized African music over the years. His elusive mixes are always the product of real hard work searching for beautiful and lesser known tunes with stories to tell...

"La Musica No Se Muere" is Mikael's 3rd installement in a series of mixtapes highlighting Guinean music - if you dig the sound, don't miss** part 1** and part 2, essential selections !

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