Matty S - Africa via Brazil

Brighton-based record collector Matty S delivers a terrific vinyl mixtape full of uplifting and warming sounds from Africa via Brazil !

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Broadcasting straight from Brighton, UK, Passionate record collector Matty S delivers a special set for the Asymetrics, with riddims to keep your winter nights well warm...

Push the volume up and feel the fever !


Bola Sete - Bettina (1971)
Rosinha De Valença - Summertime (1971)
Tim Maia - Imunização Racional (Que Beleza) (1974)
Ana Mazzotti - Feel Like Making Love (1974)
Bebeto - Neguinhio Poeta (1980)
Astrud Gilberto - Black Magic (A Gira) (1987)
Obina Shok - Sika (1986)
Slim Young (Siaw Akyemfo) - Otan Hunu (1984)
Siassia & Tokobina– Mama Africa (Year Unknown)
Sam Fan Thomas - Poma (1985)
Mac Gregor - Nan Ye Li Kan (Year Unknown)
Ghetto Blaster - Life Goes On (1985)

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