DJ Ayebaitari - Queer Rave Set

Deep session by London's very own Queer Rave spearhead !

Cosmic rave sounds for the Asymetrics by the one and only Ayebaitari !

A visual and performance artist, Ayebaitari recently took up the decks and launched Queer Rave: a community project that celebrates and represents queer, female and genderqueer Drum & Bass DJs, with support from AZ Mag and DJ Mag among many.

Strongly influenced by the likes of Kemistry & Storm, Goldie, or even Talvin Singh, she blurs the lines between old-school Jungle and contemporary sounds like Grime or Gqom, and is also often at the control of her psychedelic visuals while djing:

Ayebaitari is also often found behind the camera, with a cool fetish for old school camcorders and analog video synths, producing experimental videos and clips such as this badass one for Dj Giulia Tess and Nan Kolè's fire tune with NyNy:

Having recently caught the attention of RAM Records, and with the Queer Rave events finally materializing in London town after a year long Covid-hiatus, you can be sure to hear much more from this firestarter soon !

Find out more about Ayebaitari and Queer Rave on Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud