Cristalo - Asymétries

Superb eclectic mix for the Asymetrics by the French veteran Cristalo !

Direct Link to Mixtape: Soundcloud

DJ, Producer, Journalist, & Radio-Host, Cristalo has been active since the mid-90s and always delivers.... Play it LOUD !


01/ Medline: Je Sais Que Tu As De L’Ame/Ca Fait Longtemps

02/ Brian Jackson + Adrian Younge + Ali Shaheed Muhammad: Young Muhammad

03/ Skyzoo & Dumbo Station: We (Used To) Live In Brooklyn Baby

04/ Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers: Interlude

05/ Jungle Fire: Smash & Grab

06/ Medline: Payé Entièrement

07/ Leaf Dog: Roll With Me

08/ Gawd Status: Messiah Hybrids

09/ Hemlock Ernst & Kenny Segal: Down

10/ JJ Doom: Retarded Fren

11/ Vanilla: Breeze

12/ 38 Spesh: Times Up (ft. Jamal Gasol & Jai Black)

13/ Roy: Rain

14/ sUb_modU: Water No Get Enemy

15/ Kercha: No Laugh (ft. Ylemm)

16/ Earl Grey: Wiretap

17/ Shy FX: Balaclava (ft. MC Spyda & D Double E)

18/ Kouslin: Mop Stick (ft. Warrior Queen)

19/ Kouslin: Dem Nah Want It (ft. Riko Dan)


Absorbed in Jungle and abstract Hip-Hop in the early 1990's, Cristalo has been a key actor of the French Drum&Bass scene by creating the first fanzine dedicated to that bass culture, called Break It Up (1998 - 2001).

Always versatile, he spent the next couple decades DJing or scratching with live bands of various musical horizons, producing D&B DJ tools and tracks, hosting radio shows and tearing many a stage with expert blends of Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, electronic music and more !

Find out more on Cristalo's website, and check out his productions on Bandcamp.

Stay Fresh, & Keep Digging !