Asymetrics Mixtape #34: Ludo V - Phlegraean Steps

90's Breakbeat Science courtesy of our friend Ludo V

Direct Link: Soundcloud

Superb all-vinyl mixtape by Naples native Ludo V, titled after the volcanic calderas of his region for the red-hot mid-90s dancefloor killers it contains !

About Ludo V

Born and bred in Naples, Ludo has been heavily influenced by the local vibrant music scene where, in 1995, after encountering Jungle and Drum&bass, he was then converted into Djing on the road to Damascus, becoming one of the prime movers in the petite but exciting Neapoletan DnB scene.

After moving to China in the early ‘00s, he has been then part of Beijing's nightclub scene, contributing with Dj sets that have become synonym with taste, eclecticism and groove.

Renowned for his omnivorous musical tastes and his ever-growing record collection, Ludo's mix for the Asymetrics is a strictly vinyl selection of middle 90s breakbeat science: from Jazzy to Intelligent, passing through Jungle and Hardstep, it covers the whole spectrum !

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