Asymetrics Mixtape #33: Idris - Cyber Drums

Parisian DJ & editor for the SeekSickSound collective, Idris delivers a deep & dark syncopated mix for the ravers - watch it now rudebwoy !

Direct links to mixtape: Youtube / Soundcloud

Idris, the Parisian dancefloor assassin, drops a special for the Asymetrics... play it fucking loud !


Knurx - unreleased
Low Khey - Control X (Comic Sans Records)
Tammo Hesselink - Danaba (Delsin Records)
Kincaid - Sight (Grid Records)
TSVI - Tambo (Nervous Horizon)
Korzi - Basmati Bandit (Left, Right & Centre)
Jurango - Rift ([re]sources)
Dites Safran - Raole (Man Band)
Piezo - The Mandrake (Version)
Coe - Super Natural [Yak Remix] (Glass Talk)
Qant & Yaxx - Magnolia (Repertoire)
Forest Drive West - They Live [Pessimist Remix] (Livity Sound)
Es.tereo - Drifter Dub (YUKU)
Nemerov - AD05 [ABADIR remix] (Exiles)
Mani Festo - The Core (Club Glow)
Code Walk - Clock (Pedder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Pariah - One On One (VOAM)
Forest Drive West - Greed (Ilian Tape)
Sully - Swandive (Astrophonica)
Sha Ru - Hear the Smell (Sorry Records)
Pessimist - The Empty House (UVB76 Music)
Low Khey - Avaton Anomias (Comic Sans Records)
NWA - Fuck Tha Police

Find out more about Idris on SeekSickSound, & check out his shows on Radio Flouka and !

Stay safe, and keep raving !