Asymetrics Mixtape #31: Ohjeelo

Ohjeelo presents... "Enjaillement Hour". Absolute dancefloor mayhem from the rising star Singer/DJ from Montpellier, France !

Direct Links: Youtube / Soundcloud

We're stoked to present Ohjeelo, rising star of the French club scene, singer and DJ, resident on and home-turf Montpellier's radio Piñata.

As a special for the Asymetrics, Ohjeelo put together a mash-up of sizzling Antillean Dancehall, Afro Grime, and UK Bass - fasten your fuckin' seat belts !


Scena - Bust up
Jantes - Boss Boss
Keros'n - Money (feat. Pompis)
Kaval - Don't Disturb the Jungle
Konshens - Bassline
Kiyano - Pipe Water
Romzy - Pinky Promise
Jaspe - Tactique
Dj Lag, Lady Du - Lucifer
Le Sky Feat Lm - Mo Ma
Nb Funky - Riddim Box
Medikal - Accra
Leonce - Wild Side Remix
Magugu - Te Te Te
Ase Manual ft Marvelito - Cochiloco (Ruge & Max Remix)
GLG - Gbossonomi (Freestyle 6)
Serge Beynaud - Petit Mannequin
Loud Provider - One Pump
Tripa Gninin - Decapo
Linguini - Hxp
Lyphik - Moucou Moucou
Jaspe - Happy Böreday
Rey Sapienz - Zuwa Ba Risk
Lianky - Burn Them
Vengenza - When It's All Over Priorfest (Fauza)


In singing as in DJing, Ohjeelo aims at erasing the concept of "limit" from her artistic process.

Guided by multiple influences acquired through travels and years of digging, she pushes an exploration of different styles and sound intensities often forgotten by the general public, without neglecting popular music: from West Indian rap, to Jungle or Brazilian Grime, her mixes are constantly changing patchworks, and her tracks, fluctuating between Gqom, Coupé-Décalé and UKG, show more personal extensions of this approach.

Listen to Ohjeelo's tunes on Soundcloud, check out her mixes on Rinse and Radio Piñata, and stay tuned to her Instagram for lots more to come !