Asymetrics Mixtape #25: Maao - the Asymptomatics

Summer vibes from our sunshine ambassador Mr Maao... From Casablanca with love !

Direct Links: Soundcloud / Youtube

After a first gorgeous mix for the Asymetrics (Mixtape #11), Maao strikes again with a killer set full of good vibes !


Jean du Voyage - Exode feat. V. Soundara Rajan (Original Mix)

Islandman - Dimitro

Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes - Canto de Ossanha (M.RUX EDIT)

Tinariwen - Soixante Trois (Yemanjo Edit)

Asha - Inni Mnith (Jack Essek Edit)

Rapossa - Matches (Maugli Remix)

Nicolas Pera - Nova (M.Rux Remix)

Pigmaliao - Banzo De Muri Mast

Santi & Tugce - Prima Vera

Blond:Ish - Mayan Caravam (Nu And Lum)

Oceanvs Orientalis - La Luna y el Lobo


DJ Maao is a master curator, who grew up in France, while his ears traveled away and ventured down untrodden paths.

He peacefully navigates his lawyer life and recently moved to Casablanca (Morocco) where the urge to express his many lives arose.

He hunts and curates ethnic, downtempo, deep house, organic and melodic sounds.

His ambition is to deliver musical gems to a large audience. His storytelling passion is endless...

Find out more about Maao: Facebook / Soundcloud / Mixcloud / Youtube

Enjoy the Journey, and keep digging !