Asymetrics Mixtape #22: Fräulein Freakbeat

Fräulein Freakbeat presents... Psychedelic freakout ! 1960's and early 70's Psych & Garage, 100% vinyl selection... get ready for a mad ride !

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Exceptional edition of the Asymetrics Mixtapes, from German record collector & rising dj Fräulein Freakbeat, who put together a rare vinyl selection of some of her favorite tunes to bounce to !

Crank up your amplifier and freak-out !


  1. Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies - You Can't Ever Come Down (Columbia, 1969)
  2. The Bubble Puppy ‎– Hot Smoke & Sasafrass (International Artists, 1969)
  3. Evolution - Dr. Vazquez (Dimensíon, 1970)
  4. Traffic ‎– Hole in My Shoe (Island, 1967)
  5. The Holy Mackerel - Wildflowers (Reprise, 1968)
  6. The Boston Tea Party - We Have Already Died (Flick-Disc, 1968)
  7. Alfa-Gungadin - Purple Haze (Opic, 1968)
  8. Zorro Five - Reggae Shhh! (Jukebox record - Decca, 1970)
  9. The Universals - Green Veined Orchid (Page One, 1967)
  10. The Koobas - Walking Out (Hit-Ton, 1968)
  11. The Kinks - She's Got Everything (Pye, 1968)
  12. The Remains - Why Do I Cry (Epic, 1966)
  13. The Boys Next Door - Suddenly She Was Gone (SOMA, 1965)
  14. The Uncalled For ‎– Do Like Me (Laurie, 1967)
  15. Bobby Brelyn ‎– Hanna (Jorel, 1967)
  16. Wonderland - Moscow (Polydor, 1968)
  17. Rock Shop - Soap Suds and Cream (Lee-Mo, 1968)
  18. The Deejays - Striped Dreams Checked Fear (Hep House, 1967)
  19. Ultimate Spinach - Your Head Is Reeling (MGM, 1968)
  20. Morgen - Welcome To The Void (Probe, 1969)
  21. Twentieth Century Zoo - Love in Your Face (Vault, 1968)
  22. Tac Poum Systeme ‎– Asmodaï (Disques TPS, 1971)
  23. The Green Slime - The Green Slime (MGM, 1969)
  24. Kim Fowley ‎– The Trip (Island, 1966)
  25. Trez Trezo ‎– Hang on Sloopy (Trezo, 196?)
  26. The Zakary Thaks - Face to Face (J-Beck, 1967)
  27. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators ‎– You're Gonna Miss Me (International Artists, 1966)
  28. The Id - Boil the Kettle, Mother (RCA Victor, 1967)
  29. The Moles ‎– We Are the Moles (Part 1) (Parlophone, 1968)
  30. Svensk - Dream Magazine (Page One, 1967)
  31. The Roger Webb Sound - Grey Sigh (Music De Wolfe, 1971 / 2001 Jazzman reissue)

Fräulein Freakbeat

Sarah, aka Fräulein Freakbeat, comes from the German city of Münster, the cultural centre of North Rhine-Westphalia & today also known as the bicycle capital of Germany!

She has been a record collector for over ten years and picked up DJing about five years ago, as she found out that playing her favourite music to a crowd of people who enjoy it as much as herself is so much more fun than just listening to her records alone at home.

Sarah loves to collect obscure 45s and is focused on the period from the late 50s to the early 70s, mainly US and UK artists, but also different European and far away countries. She likes to spin Garage, Psychedelia, Beat, Surf, Soul, Rhythm & Blues and much more!

In the absence of club gigs for the past year, Sarah has developed an impressive online presence, including several live streams with the excellent The Forty Five Kings crew and their Forty Five Queens series (don't miss her interview with Mr Lob) - as well as regular sets on her Twitch and Youtube channels, which are always great and full of fun !

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