Asymetrics Mixtape #21: SAGE

SAGE presents... The Golden Dog! An exclusive selection of fine Psychedelic, Soul and Disco cuts.

Direct Links: Mixcloud / Youtube / Soundcloud

Tripped-out 21st edition of our infamous mixtapes, beaming straight from digger & Asymetrics friend SAGE's studio !

Open your ears...


Dr Loonie Smith " In the beginning "

The Chakachas " Soledad "

Yuji Ohno " Golden Dog "

Dj Format/The Simonsound " The Peruvian "

Ennio Morricone "Guerra e pace, pollo e brace "

" C'est la fête ! "

Madlib " The call "

Yuji Ohno "Kagayaku ginga no kanata e "

Max Berlin's "Dream disco "

Boogsie " See me "

Quakers feat. Sampa the Great " Approach with caution "


Graffitti artist, designer, photographer and digger SAGE, aka the Sofa King, hails from Western France.

As talented with a spraycan or on much less expected formats, SAGE is also known to drop wicked little mixes when he's not too busy with his versatile art !

Find out more about SAGE: Behance / Soundcloud / Facebook